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Other people are listening to your phone call | How To Check Call Forwarded

All calls on your phone can go to someone else. And he can receive all calls and talk if he wants. Doing so could lead to many dangers that you could never have imagined. Think about it, if someone hears your personal phone call, they can blackmail you too. So of course we have to be very careful about this.

That's why friends, today I will tell you how you can be careful about this. For this you must read the whole post carefully. So I will share two codes with you. The first code will tell you if your phone's call has been forwarded. This means that no one can hear the call on your phone. And can hear from any number. And with the second code you can turn off the call forward option. Then your phone call will not be forwarded to anyone else.

Many people can't find this code. This code is very important and effective.So if you want to see the work of the two codes live, follow the instractions. Then you can fully understand the work of these two codes.

 You need to follow the rules below to verify that call forwarding is enabled on your SIM. So let's get start Now.

 First go to your phone dailpad and type *#21#

The Then Click The Call Botton and see

If you see that your SIM does not have call forwarding then it is much better for you. And if you see call forwarding on your SIM, it is dangerous. In that case you must stop call forwarding. Otherwise all the calls coming to your phone will go to someone else. So you must follow the rules below to turn off the call forwarding option. So let's get start now.

Go to your phone dailpad and type ##21#

The Then Click The Call Botton

Now , I hope you understand this completely after follow the instractions. If you don't understand anywhere, let me know in the comments.

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