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How To Track Any Android phone by just a Missed Call Easily

Friends, I hope you are very well, I am also very well in your prayers. Many times we want to get other information including the location of our loved one's phone. But there is no way we can do that. That's why today I will share with you a trick through which you can easily get other information including the location of any phone.

 We hope you find this trick useful. I have been looking at all the information on other people's phones through this for a long time. Of course no one will use this trick for bad. Everyone will use it for good. If someone uses it badly, he will be responsible for it.

 So friends, you have to do it through an app. Using these apps, you can easily see other people's phone location and other information. So friends, I will not talk much. Let's see directly how you can do this.
At first Go to google play store and download this app.

then open the apps

then click add micro

then click + icon behind on triggers

Go to call/sms option

then select call missed from here

then select your phon number and click ok

 then click + icon behind on action option

then go to location

then select share location

select email and press ok

select any email and click ok botton

Enter the email you want to get information from other people's phone here

Now all your work is done. You will receive all the information in the email provided by you as soon as you send a call to this phone from the number you selected. Hope you understand this trick. It should not be a problem to understand. If there is a problem, please let us know in the comment box. And stay with us.

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