Easy Way To Transfer File Between Android and Computer / Laptop without Data cable
Hello friends, Today I will show you how to transfer files to computer and mobile without any data cable.


When we need file transfer between Android and computer, many people do not have a data cable at hand or cannot use the data cable due to other problem.That's why today I will show you how you can transfer files to Android and PC without any data cable.

So Lets Start Now
First You need to download an apps on your android phone.The apps name is WiFi Ftp Server 

You must connect your PC and mobile with a WiFi router. You will not be able to transfer files if connected to a different router. So be sure to connect to the same router.you can easily transfer files to PC and mobile.

Connect Your Wifi Router with Your Phone


Then Download This Apps From Google Play Store

Then Open The App and Click On Start Botton

Copy The Link

Paste On Pc Storage Location Like This

I don't think you can find an easier way than that. Because it's as simple as it is effective. And that's what I've been doing for many years. It is much safer.

If you do not understand somewhere, then you must comment. and subscribe our youtube channel.So far today. Stay well.


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